About Us


What does The Coalition do for you?
  • Provide you a voice at the legislature that helps to guide policy decisions concerning MSP
  • Work with FL DOE on procedural issues that are workable for private schools
  • Alert you to any issues that could be detrimental to our schools ability to continue to provide programs using MSP
  • Assist our member schools in promoting MSP as a positive, strong addition to Florida’s educational options
  • Send FYIs on issues involving the MSP
  • Hold opportunities to network with schools at conferences
Benefits of Being a Member
  • Access to our new Members Only page which will contain information regarding issues in the scholarship program and other information to assist your school in learning about new programs, fund raising opportunities, and more
  • Accessibility to a professionally produced television commercial which allows you to publicize the McKay Scholarship Program in your community
  • Discount of registration fees for Coalition Conferences
  • The opportunity to be nominated and serve as a board member on the Board of Directors
  • Certificate identifying you as a coalition member

You can make a difference by participating in our committees:

  • Legislation Action Committee
  • Media Action Committee
  • Web site Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Membership Committee

YOU have a role to play in making these goals happen.

Become a Member School or Individual Member of The Coalition TODAY!