House and Senate bills filed concerning McKay Scholarship

Robyn Rennick, Rep. Michael Bileca, and Dr. Patricia Hardman

Legislation Pending (December 6, 2017)

The Legislature has begun committee meetings and planning for the 2018 session.  House and Senate bills have already been filed concerning the McKay Scholarship Program.

SB 564 (Sen. Young) – companion bill HB 399 (Rep. Mariano) has been filed. The Coalition’s Legislative Committee has been reviewing the bill and has had meetings with Sen. Young and Rep. Mariano to discuss its ramifications.  The bill will allow the re-evaluation of IEP’s to determine if the matrix level needs to change.

HB 829 (Rep. Plansencia) has been filed.  This bill seeks to remove the prior year requirement for eligibility in the McKay Scholarship.  It identifies which licensed professionals could diagnose disabilities which would allow a child to be eligible for the McKay Scholarship.  Senator Baxley has agreed to file a companion bill.

To find the complete text of the bills and what actions are being taken go to:

Other issues on which The Coalition is continuing to work with various representatives and stakeholders are:

1)  Removing the prior year requirement for eligibility to the McKay Scholarship;

2)  Developing a new scholarship program to include students presently in private school or home school who have disabilities but do not have the prior year to make them eligible for the McKay Scholarship;

3)  Reviewing the funding formula to determine if changes can be made in McKay scholarship payment amounts;

4)  Examining the accountability measures already in place for participating schools and suggesting some measures for DOE oversight which would strengthen accountability but not be restrictive.